RedSeal University Overview
By building competence on the RedSeal platform, RedSeal customers are more empowered and confident in protecting their networks against cyber attacks and vulnerabilities. RedSeal University training and certification programs are essential for customers to maximize their investment in network resilience.
Our training and certification programs are available to anyone interested in learning more about RedSeal. By offering a blend of web-based training, interactive labs and exercises, and live classroom experiences, we provide an opportunity to gain an understanding and further your knowledge of RedSeal. RedSeal University is an essential resource for end users and administrators looking to advance their knowledge, skills and abilities used to secure their networks.
RedSeal University offers:
  • Self-paced, free web-based training courses
  • Prescriptive persona-based learning pathways
  • Public open-enrollment classes
  • Private on-site classes
  • Online forum for Q&A from RedSeal experts
RedSeal University is primarily composed of free self-paced, web-based courses that build knowledge and familiarity though a carefully structured series of videos and concept checks. Each course targets a specific aspect of the RedSeal platform which enables users to gain a greater familiarity with the platform as a whole. The concept checks help ensure that you have a thorough understanding of the material while helping build confidence in your ability to monitor your network and to use RedSeal effectively. To help with the courses and with using the platform, RedSeal University also provides a forum for you to ask questions and receive answers from experts.
In addition to web-based training , we also provide a growing number of live instructor-led courses in both public and private classroom environments. As our program continues to grow, RedSeal University will continue to drive relevant topics in a variety of virtual and live formats. For private, onsite classroom training, please contact your RedSeal sales representative.
Questions? Please email us at training@redseal.net.

RedSeal University